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Los Angeles-based Green Dot Films signs director Omri Cohen for U.S. commercial representation.

Omri has collaborated with top brands such as Nike and Microsoft, in addition to the international companies who have sought out his talent. Omri is a visual storyteller with a distinct ability to create moments and performances that feel real, natural, and effortlessly beautiful.

Omri’s latest work for Nike is the enigmatic “Los Fearless” campaign, which celebrates the culture of street basketball and neighborhood pride in Los Angeles. The campaign features three short films that follow native athletes in their respective neighborhoods’ and explore their competitive spirit, fearless nature and love of the game. The films star Surfer Kolohe Andino, Grammy Award winning Singer / Songwriter Andre Merritt and Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Ricky Romero. Nike projected the films onto LA’s Grand Street overpass and screened them in venues all over Los Angeles during the NBA all star weekend celebration.

Omri’s body of work features Nike (RED) “Write the Future” – a major campaign in the fight against HIV/AIDS, which debuted during the World Cup and features global soccer star Didier Drogba, a Nike campaign for the Beijing Olympics via Saatchi & Saatchi / FNAZCA.  His work launching the Microsoft Social Media Phone featured artists Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros showcasing Omri’s thumb on the pulse when it comes to current youth culture.

Born in Israel, Omri moved to the US in his early years and developed a love for directing while traveling the world. He speaks 6 languages and has directed in 4.

He got his break by directing “Charlie” a contest winning music video for Red Hot Chili Peppers, that moved front man Anthony Keidis to tears: “After watching dozen and dozens of admirable efforts, I finally saw a video for ‘Charlie’ that made me cry, when I looked at my girlfriend, she was crying too. That’s when I knew we had a winner.”

Omri’s passion is unstoppable. The heart he puts in to his work is evident in every frame. What stands out amongst Omri’s work is his ability to cast people who naturally fit the roles and capture candid moment. He pours love into the smallest of details during every scene. His adventurous nature permeates his work as he always strives to push the creative boundaries. His positive flexible nature makes him a natural collaborative partner. Omri’s confidence with people and direction gives him an enormous cushion of comfort behind the lens.





GENERAL REEL: http://greendotfilms.wiredrive.com/l/p/?presentation=9029926b8e08af1eec1f5ee4c3bb9eac



About Green Dot Films


Green Dot Films consistently produces exceptional commercial work and has been building trusted agency relationships since its inception in 1996.  With a focus on cultivating the talent of their directors, the team has won over even the most top tier of repeat agency clients.  Hosting a diverse roster combining veterans with fresh new faces, Green Dot brings top industry talent in spots, features, stills and animation. Green Dot Films is readily able to handle any sized project with the utmost care and creativity.  Green Dot’s core executive team is lead by owners Jane & Brent Thomas, Managing Director Rick Fishbein, Executive Producer/Head of Sales Darren Foldes & Executive Producer/Head of Production Rich Pring.  Green Dot Films 2011 directing roster: Rebecca Baehler, Omri Cohen, Coppos/Lee, Richard Farmer (formerly of the directing team HAPPY), Rafael Fernandez, Jacobsbriere, Luc Schurgers (founder of MiniVegas), Richard Sears, Brent Thomas, and Three Legged Legs.