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Los Angeles-based LA.B Film & Content’s recently-signed director Peter Refle delivers a graceful high speed chase in the new BMW 6 Series for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol “BMW 6 Series, MI4 Trailer” direct to client. Refle directed the non-motion picture footage for this MI4 trailer/spot that highlights the sleek new coupe, intercut with footage from the upcoming December 21st release.

Notes LA.B executive producer Francesca Matera, “Peter had the talent of translating the pace and action of Cruise’s MI:4 movie into equally stunning and dynamic car footage.”
The spot opens on the super, “Rethink the impossible,” followed by shots of Tom Cruise scaling a massive skyscraper and the BMW 6 Series racing through an artfully designed track. Shots of the film’s stars fleeing from assailants, dodging bullets and explosions follow, intercut with the 6 Series nimbly navigating its course. The spot closes on the film title, followed by the BMW super, “Designed for driving. The all-new BMW 6 Series Coupe” and tag “Sheer driving pleasure.”
Bavarian director Peter Refle recently signed with LA.B for U.S. commercial representation. He comes to LA.B from The Joneses. After studying in Maine, London and Vienna, Refle began his career behind the camera shooting a documentary on Munich’s world-famous Octoberfest. Launched from the success of this project, he spent the next 10 years directing commercials, collecting an awards bounty that includes Shortlists at Cannes, New York Ad Fest awards and more.

About LA.B Film & Content

LA.B Film & Content, a global production company, specializes in producing commercials and branded content for Fortune 500 companies. An outgrowth of veteran COGNITO FILMS, LA.B was launched in 2009 to meet the demands of the changing market and to bring a new sensibility to American advertising through a unique roster of top-notch international and domestic talent.

LA.B’s roster of directors and talented production staff bring a new perspective to the industry, one that recognizes the shift from brands that do business to the business of branding. “We understand that the business of advertising isn’t about the product, but about a connection between people,” states Alan Landau, the award-winning executive producer and founder of LA.B Film & Content.

Combining years of experience with creativity and solid production values, the LA.B team builds unique content that makes their productions and clients stand out. Whether working on a television commercial, a film, a music video, or corporate promotional material, LA.B has assembled the talent to handle branding and marketing in a variety of media applications to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse, vibrant and global client-base.

Production Company: Hochkant Films, Munich, Germany
Director: Peter Refle
DP: Werner Maritz
Producer: Pascal Bohlen