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Zoic Studios’ Dmitri Greer Named a Finalist for the 2012 AICE Awards

Culver City, CA/Vancouver, BC-based Zoic Studios senior editor Dmitri Greer has been named a finalist in the 2012 AICE Awards in the Alternative Media category for work on “Jeep Call of Duty Answering the Call” for Global Hue.  The high-impact spot hurdles the 2012 Jeep Wrangler directly into the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, complete with live combat, massive explosions, helicopters and buildings under siege.

Zoic Studios ECD/Co-Founder Loni Peristere directed the spot with the entire post and VFX handled onsite at Zoic.  Seasoned feature film VFX Supervisor Dariush Derakhshani tapped into his expertise gleaned from work on such action-packed films as Apocalypto and Red to deliver high-level cinematic effects.  He notes, “In 60 seconds we basically had 43-44 visual effects shots.  Our job is literally to make sure viewers don’t have any clue that we did anything to it whatsoever.”

For the action-packed spot, a majority of the stunts were captured in real-time with elements enhanced through additional VFX and cleanup in post.  Additional elements were entirely CG, such as the helicopter and the crumbling building due to restrictions of shooting directly in an urban environment.

About Zoic Studios

Zoic Studios is a visual effects company based in Culver City, California, which creates computer-generated special effects for film, television, commercials and video games.

“Visual Evolution” is their mission: to evolve the story, art, and technology of the moving image, and through this evolution, broaden the audience for everything they work on.

Zoic’s accomplished artists and producers understand story, process, technique and relationships.  Their team has a proven track record of success in a range of media including episodic, film, commercials and gaming.  Masters in the fields of 3D, Compositing, and Production Management, their elite reputation attracts additional talent and encourages a strong work ethic. Zoic’s relationships with its clients are deep and long lasting. The company is known for results-driven excellence in all endeavors.


Agency: Global Hue

EVP/Exec. Creative Director/Detroit: Vida Cornelious

Creative Director: Dolph Kawalec

Senior Art Director: Albert Loera

Copywriter: Jared Davis

VP/Exec. Producer: Cathy Antoniello

Senior Producer: William Riley

Production Business Director: Julie Smith

VP/Account Director: Dennis Castillo

Management Supervisor: Tom Shanahan

Account Executive: Estefania Calvachi

Senior Product Specialist: Dan Hogan

APR: Anthony J Vozza, Alan Sadler

Client: Chrysler Group LLC

Head of Jeep Advertising and Communications: Kim Adams-House

Jeep Brand Advertising Manager: Kenyatta Bynoe

CGI Data Prep Manager: Randy Querro

Zoic Studios

Director: Loni Peristere

Exec. Creative Director: Chris Jones

Exec. Producer: Erik Press

Head of Production: Ian Unterreiner

Producer: Susan M. Kurtz

VFX Supervisor: Dariush Derakhshani

3D Supervisor: Brian White

VFX Coordinator: Lori Talley

Editor: Dmitri Gueer

Asst Editor: Alison Veneto-Grady

Modelers: Jason Monroe, Dustin Mellum, Josh Jaillet

Lighters/Animators: Anthony Han, Scott Tessier, Jerry Weil

Particles/Dynamics: Brian White, Jerry Weil, James Little

Matte Painters: Daveed Shwartz, Eric Mattson, Mike Wood

Compositors: Peter Sidoriak, Jason Bergman, Dan Trezise, Bob Homami

Flame Compositor: Steve Meyer

Tracking: Dacklin Rawlings, Shelby Strong, Michael Theurer

US Production Co.:  Holmes Defender of the Faith

Executive Producer: Ben Dossett

Producer: Jeff Armstrong

On-Set VFX Supervisor: Kathy Siegal

Director of Photography:

Lawrence Fong

Original Score: 11.59

2nd Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator:

EJ Foerster

1st AD:

Dominic Fysh

Production Designer:

Robert Cowper

Overseas Production Co.: Angel Films

Producer: Zsofia Kende

Line Producer: Judit Stalter

Production Manager: Felician Keresztes

Production Supervisor: Virag Varga

Art Director: Nora Takacs