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Bobby Farrelly, Directing Spots via Rabbit, Joins Peter for return to Slapstick Roots in “Stooges”

Bobby Farrelly, who directs commercials for Rabbit, follows up his Samsung Super Bowl spot debut with a return to his broad comedy beginnings with ‘The Three Stooges.’ The Farrelly Brothers’ reprisal of Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos), Larry (Sean Hayes), and Curly (Will Sasso) is expected to score big box office when it premieres April 13th.


Press Kitchen’s clients were all over Super Bowl XLVI.  Here’s a roundup of the action between the action:

Visual effects studio The Mission had three spots, including two :30s for Bridgestone Tires, “Performance Football” and “Performance Basketball,” and a :90 for Samsung, “Thing Called Love.”

Speaking of which, “Thing Called Love” was helmed by none other than Rabbit’s comedy master, Bobby Farrelly, the other half of the legendary Farrelly Brothers duo.  Rabbit’s Tim Abshire’s E*TRADE “Speed Dating” also got game time play.

Park Pictures’ Lance Acord partially reprised his now-famed VW spot from Super Bowl XLV with this year’s VW “The Dog Strikes Back.” And Honda CRV spot “50 States”, directed by Park Pictures’ Lisa Rubisch, received Superbowl play, illustrating how young women use the sporty vehicle to cross off adventures on their traveling “leap list.”

Moxie Pictures provided another callback, this time to the 80s with an homage to icon Ferris Bueller in “Matthew’s Day Off” for Honda, directed by The Hangover franchise writer/producer Todd Phillips.

Boxer Films director Jim Zoolalian trades in the provincial grace of arctic sleds for the comfort of a premium sedan in the :60 “Sled” for Suzuki.

Sonic Union mixer Rob McIver cast an extraterrestrial spell on Super Bowl snackers in the cinematic :60 “Out of This World Taste” for H-E-B Grocery, airing in the Texas market.  Also, Steve Rosen’s Chevy “Joy,” and Michael Marinelli’s GE “Seeing Is Believing: Appliances” and “Seeing Is Believing: Energy & Anheuser-Busch.”

Pony Show Entertainment’s Peter Berg logged two entries: “Vocal Combat” for The Voice starring Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Betty White, and the historical and topical “NFL Timeline” for the NFL.  Additionally, the trailer for the director’s next blockbuster feature Battleship also aired.

Peepshow Post’s Andrea MacArthur cut Budweiser’s epic “Return of the King.”