Bicoastal Pony Show Entertainment director Peter Berg touts American-made, community-oriented Olympic sponsor Chobani Greek Yogurt in a patriotic new :60/:30  “Proudly With You” out of Leo Burnett New York.  The spot features community members and employees of Chobani’s New York plant erecting a massive outdoor screen to watch the Olympic Games.

To show their community dedication, Chobani prepared to host an Olympics Games Opening Ceremony screening for their employees on a giant 40 x 22-foot LED screen at Werner Farm in Central, New York.  Community members helped erect this farmland screening room, allowing their actions to become the featured footage for the commercial.  Notes Berg in the Behind the Scenes footage, “We’re just showing how Chobani wants to give back to the community by building this giant outdoor television screen so that everybody can watch the Olympics and have a good time.”

Chobani is now America’s number one yogurt after opening its doors 7 short years ago; a great success story in a still-recovering economy.  The yogurt purveyor started as a small outfit in upstate New York using only local employees and dairy farmers.  They’ve since expanded their plant exponentially, and will be opening a plant in Idaho in October and now sell their product in Australia and Canada.

“Proudly With You” opens on a rural community collecting near Chobani’s New York plant: famers and plant employees move down dusty roads toward a large farmyard.  A voiceover begins, “The Chobani story is a community story.  A story of revival.”  We see a sign painted on a building, “New York need YOU on the Farm.  USA Brand,” and kids painting “Go Team USA” onto a wooden plank.  The community gathers at the farmyard where they erect a massive screen to watch the Olympics.  The voiceover continues, “Five years ago, none of us could imagine how it would unfold.  We started with a handful of local employees and a whole lot of heart.  The community came together, got stronger.  The dairy farmers, the plant workers, the truck drivers.  Like our Olympians, we all worked hard to fulfill a dream.  Now our yogurt is powering our U.S. Olympic athletes and we can’t help but feel a little proud.”  The crowd in the farmyard has expanded into the hundreds, all cheering fervently for Team U.S.A.  The spot closes on three cups of Chobani and the tag, “Naturally powering team USA.”

About Pony Show Entertainment

Pony Show Entertainment EPs, Susan Kirson and Jeffrey Frankel, produce award-winning commercials and integrated projects with a roster highlighted by Peter Berg, Spike Lee, Baz Luhrmann and Jean-Paul Goude, as well as other dynamic commercial and Hollywood filmmakers.  Find out more at http://www.ponyshowent.com.


Client: Chobani
Title: “Proudly With You” :30/:60
Agency: Leo Burnett New York
Chief Creative Officer: Jay Benjamin
Executive Creative Directors: Michael Canning & Kieran Antill
Art Director: Stian Bugten
Copywriter: Simen Braathen
Agency Executive Producer: Jeremy Fox
Production Company: Pony Show Entertainment, LA
Director: Peter Berg
Director of Photography: John Schwartzman
Producer: Fern Martin
Producer: Helga Gruber
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Frankel
Executive Producer: Susan Kirson
Production Designer: Jess Gonchor
Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Colby Parker
VFX: Kilt
Music Company: Herd
Media Agency: OMD
Digital Partner: Big Space Ship
PR: Fleishman Hillard

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