Los Angeles-based Boxer Films director Anton Jøsef casts a spell with dazzling cirque performances in an enchanting new :60 promo “Solstice” for the A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque Company in Toronto, produced direct-to-client.

The video features the impressive talents of the troupe as they dazzle viewers with breathtaking aerial routines and mind-bending acrobatics. “Solstice” will be used to promote the troupe’s charitable branch, Cirque-tacular Productions, which produces benefit shows for spinal research and Toronto circus industry member Carolyn Pioro. Pioro tragically fell from a flying trapeze in 2005 and suffered a severe spinal cord injury, resulting in permanent paralysis.

To best highlight the true beauty of this unique class of live entertainment, Jøsef sought to capture as much of the footage in camera as possible. He notes, “We’ve all become desensitized to visual effects. Cirque is where magic actually happens in front of your eyes, different from other theatrical experiences. I wanted to capture a photographic moment to express the realism of the magic they create.” Jøsef also chose to intertwine images from nature to demonstrate the organic movements mimicked in Cirque motions, such as the flow of water spliced with the rolling movement of the silks gliding across the stage. “I wanted to capture nature, fashion and athletics in one,” adds Jøsef.

“Solstice” opens with images of the troupe readying themselves for performance, intercut with an aerial performer posing in silks onstage. We see the entrancing movements of a ribbon dancer and an acrobat before pausing on a performer covered entirely in black sprinkled with silver glitter. The pace quickens as the performer blows a handful of glitter toward the camera. We are dazzled with more images of the spectacular costumes, lighting and movements, and entranced with the beauty of a dancer, swaying a torch. We then see a duo of performers posed on an aerial hoop before cutting to an alluring female performer, dressed in a dapper tuxedo and stunning top hat with a red feather, drawing viewers in. Sparkles float across the screen as the super appears, “Moments beyond magic.” The video closes with the A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque Company logo.

About Boxer

Comprised of award-winning filmmakers, shooters, cutters and development minds, LA-based Boxer Films is an ideas machine where collaboration is king. Since 1999, Boxer has delivered with this as its credo, continually breaking new ground in branded content, interactive and broadcast. Founder/EP John Clark, EP Beth George and EP John Barreiro have fostered a results-driven, family-like creative culture that makes Boxer the ideal creative partner in any quest for exceptional storytelling.

Boxer director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz received two 2012 Cannes Lions for his original campaign for Gandhi Bookstores and a 2011 Cannes Gold Lion for his AMIS :30, “Office” and Boxer director Jim Zoolalian’s 14-minute short film “Miracle” recently took home a Coup de Coeur at the 64th Cannes International Film Festival.


Client: A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque Company, Toronto

Title: “Solstice” :60

Production: Boxer Films/Industry Films

Director: Anton Jøsef

Director of Photography: Henry Sansom

Producer: Marc Milliard

Editor: Anton Josef

Colorist: Wade Odlum, Alter Ego

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