Moxie Pictures director Martin Granger reminds us that not all walrus boyfriends look the same in the comical :15/:30 “Walrus” for Skittles out of DDB, Chicago.  The spot features a seemingly deceived woman catching her BFF making out with what appears to be her own walrus boyfriend.

“Walrus” opens on a brunette woman walking in on a blonde woman kissing a Jabba the Hut-sized walrus in her living room.  “This isn’t what it looks like,” says the blonde.  “Good, because it looks like you’re making out with my boyfriend,” replies the brunette.  “This isn’t Bobby.  He just looks like Bobby.  He said he’s like these new Skittles Riddles.  The colors on the outside don’t match the flavors on the inside.  Like this one: it’s green, but really it’s fruit punch.”  The blonde then proceeds to tease her flippered beau with the deceptive confection, followed by an all-tongue and tusk make out session.  The spot closes on a bag of Skittles Riddles and the tag, “Deceive the Rainbow.  Taste the rainbow.”

About Moxie Pictures

Launched in 1992, Moxie brings the distinctive sensibilities of feature film directors, and the unique vision of the industry’s top commercial directors to diverse media including commercials, feature films, television, web series, sponsored content, music and political media. The presence of iconic directors such as Errol Morris, Wes Anderson and Todd Phillips join some of the top names in commercials, such as Martin Granger, Frank Todaro and Pam Thomas to form an unparalleled talent roster, garnering the industry’s top awards.



Client: Wrigley’s
Product: Skittles Riddles
Title: “Walrus” :15/:30
Airdate: Currently airing
Agency: DDB, Chicago
CCO: Ewan Paterson
ECD: Mark Gross
ACD, Copywriter: Kevin Goff
ACD, Art Director: Blake Winfree
EP: Will St. Clair
Assistant Producer: Jamie Gallant
Production: Moxie Pictures
Director: Martin Granger
EP: Robert Fernandez
EP: Karol Zeno
Head of Production: Roger Zorovich
Producer: Heidi Soltesz
Editorial: Whitehouse Post, Bicoastal/Chicago/London
Editor: John Smith
EP: Dan Bryant
Post FX: MPC, LA
Producer: Nicole Fina
VFX Supervisor: Michael Wynd
VFX Supervisor / 3D Lead: Ross Denner
Lighter: Fred Durand
Lead 2D Artist / Compositor: Ryan Knowles
2D Artist / Compositor: Elliott Brennan
2D Artist / Compositor: Lisa Ryan

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