Bicoastal Pony Show Entertainment director Spike Lee reminds us why we love The Empire State in five :60/:30s for the New York State “I Love NY” campaign out of BBDO, NY.  A famed, passionate New Yorker, Lee captures the business-savvy and industry-leading characteristics of New York in one anthem and four unique narratives about New York-based businesses.  The :60/:30 “Anthem” is narrated by Robert De Niro.

The extolling campaign includes “Anthem,” “BAE,” “Fage,” “Nano,” and “Smith,” each telling a different story of how New York State is ‘Working For You.’  The campaign features several companies including BAE Systems, Fage Dairy USA, CNSE and Smith Electric Vehicles.  Each one of their stories highlights the supportive, successful, technological and prosperous qualities of New York State through personal interviews with the companies’ executives and employees.

In “BAE,” we are told about the flood disaster incident of September 2011 that nearly destroyed BAE Systems’ Johnson City, NY facility.  On September 8th and 9th, BAE Systems fell victim to a flood that essentially wiped out the whole facility.  Fourteen hundred people were suddenly without jobs.  Almost immediately, on September 11th, New York State came to Johnson City to provide assistance with a rapid recovery program.  Offering aid with the drying and dehumidification of buildings, “New York State responded with extraordinary effort to keep our business here.”  “BAE” features several BAE employees tell their accounts of the incident and includes photographs of the flood disaster, recovery program, and restored facility.  The spot closes on a busy street in Johnson City with the tag, ‘The New New York State. Working For You.’

About Pony Show Entertainment

Pony Show Entertainment EPs, Susan Kirson and Jeffrey Frankel, produce award-winning commercials and integrated projects with a roster highlighted by Peter Berg, Spike Lee, Baz Luhrmann and Jean-Paul Goude, as well as other dynamic commercial and Hollywood filmmakers.  Find out more at http://www.ponyshowent.com.


Client: Empire State Development
Title: “Anthem” :60/:30; “BAE,” “Fage,” “Nano,” and “Smith” :30 x 4
Agency: BBDO, NY
Executive Creative Director: Linda Honan
ACD/Copywriter: Nick Sonderup
Executive Producers: Ashley Henderson, Elise Pavone
ACD/Art Directors: Julia Blackburn, Kurt Lenard
EVP, Sr. Director: Paul Suchman
Production Company: Pony Show Entertainment, LA
Director: Spike Lee
DP: Cliff Charles
Executive Producers: Jeff Frankel, Susan Kirson
Editorial: Lost Planet, NY
Editor: Jay Rabinowitz (“Anthem”), Paul Snyder and Adam Witten (NY Stories 4 x :30)
Editorial Producer: Lauren Hefner Addison
Editorial EP: Krystn Wagenberg
Audio House: Sound Lounge, NY
Mixer: Chris Afzal
Color: The Mill, NY
Colorist: Fergus McCall
Online: Black Hole, N
Online Editor: Tim Farrell
Narrator: Robert De Niro (“Anthem”)

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