New York/San Francisco-based content creation/production company Bodega signs German director Andreas Link for U.S. commercial representation. A skilled automotive talent, Link carefully ties together all of the pieces of a project, from pre-visualization to post, to craft the arc of the story through vivid imagery.  Link has helmed spots for such top clients as BMW, McDonald’s, Audi, Mercedes, Ford, and Panasonic.  Recent work includes two spots for Toyota out of MMB, Boston as well as a visually stunning spot for LOT Polish Airlines out of DDB Warsaw.

Says Bodega Executive Producer/Partner Clint Goldman, “Andreas brings such a broad skill set to the table—design, direction, editing, photography, visual effects.  His recent work for Toyota and LOT is truly exemplary and his soup to nuts thinking complements the Bodega production model effortlessly.” Adds Link, “This industry is really about the people and it has been a great experience working with Clint.  It is inspiring to see his ambition and passion for what he is doing.”

After growing up in a small village near Frankfurt, Germany, Link began exploring his visual aesthetics working as an assistant photographer in fashion and advertising throughout Europe.  Seeking to branch out on his own, he moved to Berlin in the late ‘90s where he worked as a freelance photographer for five years.  Seeking a more serene scene, Link went back to Munich where he jumped into the world of broadcast design, crafting station and programming identities for German television networks and episodic programming.

In 1998, he began shooting spots for top German production companies including Markenfilm, Tempomedia and Gap Films until June 2009, when he was seriously injured in a helicopter crash during a Porsche shoot in Portugal.  He spent the next 16 months in the hospital and fully dedicated himself to recovery, returning to spots with the visually inventive all CG spot “Touch” for Audi A6 out of Phillip und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany.

About Bodega

Bodega Studios is a creative production company based in New York and San Francisco.

We are the passionate nerdy.  We develop, produce and distribute award-winning projects in every medium.  We make commercials, digital content, promos, feature films, television and music videos.

We believe the world is a beautiful place full of surprises, cool things and true magic.  Our goal is to inject your project with geeky enthusiasm, groundbreaking creative, visionary style, original solutions and a passion for storytelling.

Our one-stop-shop model has been embraced by brands including: IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, USA Network, Logitech, Mattel, MasterCard, Walt Disney Pictures, Nickelodeon, Food Network, Applebee’s, KIA, Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet and Volkswagen.

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