Visual effects house Zoic Studios further fuses its Culver City and Vancouver offices with the move of Co-Partner/Visual Effects Supervisor Andrew Orloff to the Vancouver office.  This move comes on the heels of a recent build-out of the BC office that nearly doubled the size and capacity of the studio.  “We are incredibly excited about Andrew making the move to Zoic Vancouver,” says Co-Founder Christopher Jones. “Having a Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director relocate to the BC office speaks volumes about Zoic’s commitment to our growth in Canada.”

With the Vancouver-based filming of two of Zoic’s most effects-heavy episodic shows, “Once Upon a Time” and “Falling Skies,” Orloff heads north to streamline the high-level creative across both offices.  As the Visual Effects Supervisor on both shows, Orloff was previously spending a portion of his time at the BC office, but will now remain there full time, allowing him more direct access to the set and the entire creative team to expand upon their already diverse body of visual effects work across film, commercials, gaming and television.

ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” employs Zoic’s propriety pre-visualization process, Z.E.U.S. (Zoic Environmental Unification System).  This process combines the benefits of real-time compositing with an integrated editorial and CG pipeline.  Revolutionizing the approach to visual effects, Z.E.U.S. provides real-time camera tracking and rendering of the virtual environments on set, bringing unprecedented creative flexibility for the cast and crew working on the green screen stage.  This technology provides Orloff and the entire Zoic team with the real-time feedback necessary to deliver film quality effects on a television budget and schedule.

Notes Orloff, “The market in Vancouver is maturing.  With much of our evolving proprietary technology being put to use in BC, it is really the artistic future of the community there.  It’s the logical next step.”

About Zoic Studios

Zoic Studios is a visual effects company based in Culver City, California, which creates computer-generated special effects for film, television, commercials and video games.

“Visual Evolution” is their mission: to evolve the story, art, and technology of the moving image, and through this evolution, broaden the audience for everything they work on.

Zoic’s accomplished artists and producers understand story, process, technique and relationships.  Their team has a proven track record of success across all digital media.  Masters in the fields of 3D, Compositing, and Production Management, their elite reputation attracts additional talent and encourages a strong work ethic. Zoic’s relationships with its clients are deep and long lasting. The company is known for results-driven excellence in all endeavors.

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