Wondros, Los Angeles, director David O. Russell delivers the epitome of 1970s cool for KFC’s latest offering in the new :30 “Drive Thru” out of Draft FCB, Chicago.  The spot flashes back to the 70s featuring a duo of infinitely cool dudes gliding through the KFC drive-through to order their new “retro” menu item: The Chicken Pot Pie.  The campaign also features :30s “Launch” and “The New Big.”

“Drive Thru” opens on a shot of a 1970s red Dodge Charger pulling around the corner to a drive-through window.  We cut to the two men in the car, both grooving to the badass track playing on the radio.  The sleek duo pulls up to the KFC drive-through speaker and the Aviator-adorned driver smoothly declares, “We’ll take two chicken pot pies.”  As the men share a satisfied nod, a voiceover begins, “KFC Chicken Pot Pie.  Our signature recipe: freshly baked and loaded with chunks of chicken and vegetables.”

We see the Chicken Pot Pie, fresh out of the oven, followed by the two men digging into their meal with ultimate satisfaction in the KFC parking lot, accompanied by the voiceover, “Some things never go out of style.”  The spot closes with the approval of one of the men as he continues to eat, “Classic, man,” followed by the KFC logo and the super, “Today tastes good.”

About Wondros

Wondros is a strategic consultancy and media production company. By channeling the skill sets of a coalition of filmmakers, producers and talent, Wondros creates content in the service of ideas that change culture.


Client: KFC
Titles: “Drive Thru,” “Launch” and “The New Big” :30 X 3
Production Company: Wondros, Los Angeles, CA
Director: David O. Russell
Executive Producer: Gina Zapata
DP: Mauro Fiore
Producer: Helga Gruber
Agency: Draft FCB, Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford
Group Creative Officer: Doug Behm
Art Director: Mike Lyons
Copywriter: Tyler Hattery
Executive Producer: Ivo Knezevic
Editorial: Union Editorial, Los Angeles, CA
Editor: Alex Hagan
Editorial Executive Producer: Michael Raimondi
Producer: Lynne Mannino
Finish: Company 3

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