LA-based Third Street Mining Company’s team Ben/Dave delivers three new tongue-in-cheek, nature doc-themed :60s “Character,” “Dominance” and “Breeding” out of McGarrah Jessee, Austin, TX. Produced by FUELD, Austin, the online-only spots feature a man observing Shiner’s new Wild Hare Pale Ale as if it were a wild animal to catch (and stuff). Ben/Dave not only helmed the campaign, but they also edited and collaborated on the development of the concept. The comedic campaign is a departure for Shiner, having done only minimal advertising in the past.

Visit Wild Hare Ale’s dedicated site,, showcases the spots.

Notes Ben, “We took our visual inspiration from the 1960s-1980s doc show ‘Wild Kingdom’ and were hoping to achieve a rich, colorful look without it looking like video.” The duo worked closely with colorist Nick Smith throughout the editorial process to ensure that a Technicolor look was achieved alongside the depth and grain added for the overall vintage effect. Adds Dave, “We tried to guide it so it didn’t feel too full of gags. We wanted it to be funny in an unselfconscious way like ‘Wild Kingdom’; 40 years ago, the makers of that show had no idea people would find them hilarious today.”

Says Third Street Mining Company EP John LaChapelle, “I love these spots. Laughed out loud the first time I saw them and every time since. Parody spots are not new, of course, but where Ben/Dave succeed is in crafting subtle layers between more overtly comedic sections. It allows a viewer to find new things with each viewing.”

“Character” opens on a super, “Understanding Shiner’s Wild Hare. Episode 1: Characteristics.” We’re then introduced to our host, in safari garb, who proclaims, “If you’re hoping to hunt and capture a Wild Hare for yourself and your friends, here are some things to look for.” The host then sizes up a Wild Hare bottle, stating, “[Wild Hare] runs in packs of six or twelve.” His teachings also include information on how to handle the Wild Hare, being careful not to shake. His voiceover concludes, “Wild Hare Pale Ale. Discover a new breed of brew from Shiner,” followed by a red graphic reading “Filmed In Spoetzl-Vision.”

“Dominance” documents how aggressive Wild Hares react to their own kind, while “Breeding” captures the mating rituals of the brew.


When not venturing around the country shooting acclaimed spots and web films for global brands like Sears, Domino’s Pizza, 7-Eleven, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Coors Light, 3rd Street Mining Company (3MC) co-founders Neil Tardio and Executive Producer John LaChapelle can be found in remote corners of California racing vintage sports cars at breakneck speed. Or more accurately, racing soundly in the middle of the pack. However, as a production company, 3MC is a well-oiled machine at the front of the pack; they’re lean and agile, but powerful and efficient. Combining a decades-long track record of award-winning work with a handpicked list of filmmakers, 3MC is driven by the size of the creative challenge, not the size of the budget. In this regard, size does matter.

Recently, 3MC and director Neil Tardio’s work on the Domino’s “Show Us Your Pizza” campaign won a 2011 Silver Clio.


Client: Shiner

Titles: “Character,” “Dominance” and “Breeding” :60 x 3

Airdate: Currently online

Director: Ben/Dave

Prod Co: FUELD, Austin, TX

Agency: McGarrah Jessee, Austin, TX

CD: James Mikus

CW: Kevin Dunleavy

AD: Ross Aboud

Agency Prod: Meredith Saidel Roach

EP/Head of Sales: Brady Anderton

EP/Head of Prod: Summer Finley

Producer: Erin Malloy

DP: Ben Hurst

Prod Design: Marcus LaPorte

Wardrobe: Lily Walker

Hair/Makeup: Meredith Johns

Edit: Ben/Dave

Color/VFX: Nick Smith

Audio: Corey Roberts, David Bewley/Pony Sound

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