New York-based content creation/production company Bodega takes its unique approach bicoastal with the opening of a San Francisco location led by Executive Producer/Partner Clint Goldman.  The expansion includes the acquisition of San Francisco-based production company Hoytyboy, to be rebranded and integrated, as well as the addition of a roster of new talent including director Eric Steinman, Peter Sorcher, Jimmy Diebold, design collective Mr. Wonderful and the Oscar®-winning VFX house Tippett.

Bodega was launched by Mark Littman, David Gioiella and Adam Reid in 2009 with a mission to inject projects with geeky enthusiasm, ground breaking creative, visionary style, original solutions and a passion for storytelling.  Since opening, it has become a go-to source for a multidisciplinary approach to media across platforms including features, agency spots and long and short form branded content.

“As the gap between what defines commercials and promos grows smaller and smaller, our end-to-end, holistic approach becomes more and more relevant”, says Partner/Director Mark Littman. Adds Bodega Executive Creative Director/Partner Adam Reid, “Our overall bandwidth and talent pool has exploded.  All of our new creatives share a nerdy enthusiasm for what they do. And Clint offers so much experience as well as his great attitude.”

To join the existing Bodega roster of Partner/Directors Adam Reid and Mark Littman, Goldman brings substantial seasoned commercial talent including directors Eric Steinman, Peter Sorcher, Richard Kizu-Blair, Jimmy Diebold, VFX house Tippett, animation directing collective Little Fluffy Clouds, animation director John Kricfalusi, as well as Montreal/San Francisco-based production house, Moskito.  Moskito will maintain their brand identity while working in tandem with Bodega, giving the company significant reach into the Canadian and European markets.

Goldman began his career at VFX powerhouse Robert Abel & Associates, which led to a mentorship with directors Ridley and Tony Scott.  He subsequently acquired an MFA at UCLA School of Theater Film and Television, which led to a stint as a producer at Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic where he eventually headed the commercial division.  During this time, he also produced the VFX and animation for the Academy Award®-nominated The Mask, the alien abduction sequence in Fire in The Sky, the Dreamworks-animated logo for Steven Spielberg, the Academy Awards® opening for Quincy Jones and a Grammy® nominated music video for Herbie Hancock.  After leaving Industrial Light & Magic, Goldman went on to produce the feature film Spawn for New Line Cinema, help run San Francisco commercial production house Complete Pandemonium (the birthplace of Mekanism) and then don his producer’s cap for Walt Disney Pictures’ animated feature The Wild.

Notes Goldman, “I am looking forward to collaborating with some trusted new partners that are smarter, younger and more sharply dressed than I.  We have big goals and a solid team in place for our clients and offer not only distinct creative talent but also a solid one-stop bicoastal service for any and all projects.  Together we will continue to build both Bodega and the Moskito brands here in the USA.  Now, with a real NY presence in addition to SF and Montreal, the future is bright.”

Most recently, Bodega collaborated with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners to create a series of videos for the nonprofit Hacking Autism, whose mission is to develop innovative, touch-enabled applications for the autism community to be made available for free on  The poignant videos, directed by Bodega’s Peter Sorcher, highlight individual stories of how these types of software change lives and how they continually inspire the doctors, educators and parents working with autistic children.

The success of this collaboration led Goodby, Silverstein Co-Chairman Rich Silverstein to remark, “This is one of the most timely and purposeful projects our agency has worked on and we are thrilled with the production team we have put together.  HP’s Hacking Autism initiative directly aligns with our commitment to philanthropic work of this nature and Bodega Studios, their San Francisco EP Clint Goldman and director Peter Sorcher expertly realized the right tone for this piece.  We are honored to work with them.”  The footage from the shorts is currently being edited into a longer form documentary, set to release in 2012.

Other current Bodega projects include a series of webisodes for IBM’s new Blade Sever out of Ogilvy, NY and a Microsoft Internet Explorer spot (client-direct) by Adam Reid, Triaminic spots via Saatchi, NY, by Eric Steinman, spots for Gato Negro and Parx Casino by Jimmy Diebold and promo work for the Cartoon Network by animation legend John Kricfalusi, who also recently completed his own signature open for The Simpsons.

About Bodega

Bodega Studios is a creative production company based in New York and San Francisco.

We are the passionate nerdy.  We develop, produce and distribute award-winning projects in every medium.  We make commercials, digital content, promos, feature films, television and music videos.

We believe the world is a beautiful place full of surprises, cool things and true magic.  Our goal is to inject your project with geeky enthusiasm, groundbreaking creative, visionary style, original solutions and a passion for storytelling.

Our one-stop-shop model has been embraced by brands including: IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, USA Network, Logitech, Mattel, MasterCard, Walt Disney Pictures, Nickelodeon, Food Network, Applebee’s, KIA, Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet and Volkswagen.


  1. Cathy Proscia

    Congratulations, Clint, on your new endeavor. Good luck. And, is that photo of you recent? Because you look exactly the same as I remember! Wishing you the best on your venture. Have a great holiday season!!


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