Wondros, Los Angeles, director Mark Pellington drives home how quickly the distraction of a five second text message can turn into catastrophe in the jolting new :30 “Fountain” for the Ad Council out of The Concept Farm, New York.  The spot features parallel lessons warning the dangers of texting while driving, one ending in a man light-heartedly walking directly into a mall court fountain, while the other ends in the disastrous crash of a teenage boy with a father and his young children standing outside their minivan.  The campaign also features a :15 version of the spot as well as :15 and :30 versions of “Driving Blind” and “Stairs”.

“Fountain” opens with a shot of a security camera overlooking a large water fountain in the center court of a shopping mall, with a man approaching the fountain while distracted on his cell phone.  His eyes remain fixed on his cellular device as he nears the water and he lands face first into the fountain, sparking the snickers of children nearby.  We cut to the super, “Not everyone should text and walk.”  Next, we cut to a shot of a teenage boy driving a few of his friends in his car as he receives a new text message on his phone.  He casually picks up his phone and begins to quickly answer the message while we cut to a shot of a man with two children in baseball uniforms loading up the back of a minivan for an afternoon game.  We cut to a quickly advancing shot of the man and children from behind before cutting to the teenagers in the car who have now realized the imminent impact before them.  We cut to a shot of the car approaching the man and children outside the car with screeching brakes we cut to the super, “No one should text and drive.  Stop the texts.  Stop the wrecks.  How will you stop texting and driving?  Tell us at: stoptextsstopwrecks.org.”

About Wondros

Wondros is a strategic consultancy and media production company. By channeling the skill sets of a coalition of filmmakers, producers and talent, Wondros creates content in the service of ideas that change culture

Client: The Ad Council
Titles: “Driving Blind” :15/:30, “Fountain” :15/:30, “Stairs” :15/:30
Airdate: Currently Airing
Agency: The Concept Farm
Creative Directors: Gregg Wasiak, Ray Mendez
Copywriters: Ashley Vienna, Tyler Kirsch
Art Directors: Iva Zugic, Rob Slingh
Agency Producer: Spencer Kehe
Production Company: Wondros
Director: Mark Pellington
Executive Producer: Gina Zapata
DP: Eric Schmidt
Producer: Norm Reiss
Postproduction: The Post Farm
Executive Producer: Mike McCall
Editors: Don Broida, Jimmy Spence

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