Moxie Pictures, Bicoastal/London director Neil Gorringe captures the feral nature of children in a comical, if not frantic new :30, “Fanta Fruitizz (Director’s Cut),” for McDonald’s out of Leo Burnett, London. Currently airing in Wales, the :30 captures several wild youngsters shaking fruit as if trying to kill it.

We open on a young boy shaking something in slow-motion, followed by shots of children frantically shaking fruit. A driving punk track supports the action as a voiceover declares, “It’s tough making fruit fizzy. That’s why there’s new Fanta Fruitizz. It’s fruit juice with sparkling water and counts as one of their five a day. That’s what makes Fanta Fruitizz. That’s what makes McDonald’s.” The McDonald’s logo closes out the spot.


Launched in 1992, MOXIE is comprised of industry thought leaders who bring the unique sensibilities of feature film directors to other media such as television commercials. The presence of iconic directors such as Errol Morris, Wes Anderson, Jared Hess and Todd Phillips combine with some of the top names in commercials such as Martin Granger, Frank Todaro and Pam Thomas to form an unparalleled talent roster. Garnering the industry’s top awards, MOXIE’s directors employ their craft across multiple platforms including feature films, television and web series, sponsored content, music, and political media.

Adding to the appeal of this talent powerhouse is the down to earth, epicurean-friendly culture of MOXIE’s bicoastal and London offices. Good
people, good food and intelligent council are as integral to the company as excellence in filmmaking, making the team friends and collaborators to top agencies and advertisers worldwide.

Client: McDonalds
Title: “Fanta Fruitizz” :30
Airdate: 3/2/2011 (Wales)
Production Company: Moxie Pictures, Bicoastal/London
Director: Neil Gorringe
DP: Richard Mott
Producer: Jess Ensor
Agency: Leo Burnett, London
Agency Prod: Claire Taylor
Creatives: Jim Bolton, Caroline Rawlings
Editorial: Final Cut, London
Editor: James Rosen
Post Prod: MPC, London ###

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