Park Pictures, Bicoastal/London director Alison MacLean casts kinder judgment on natural Greek yogurt than on young love in the new :30 “Morning” for Athenos out of Droga5, NY.  The spot features a strict Greek grandmother scolding her sweet granddaughter for pre-marital cohabitation while approving of her breakfast choice of Athenos Greek yogurt.  The campaign also includes the two :30s, “Party” and “Family”.

The spot opens with a shot of a happy young couple sitting down to breakfast, playfully feeding each other yogurt accompanied by a male voiceover, “Hi Lauren and Greg, what’s up?”  The cheerful young man replies, “We’re getting the day started with Athenos Greek yogurt, later we’re going to ride bikes—.“  The voiceover interrupts to say, “Wonderful.  Let’s see what Yiayia thinks.”  We cut to a shot of an elderly woman, conservatively dressed in an apron with a handkerchief on her head, selecting fresh lemons from a street vendor.  She turns around with a vindictive smile and asks in a thick Greek accent, “Are you two married?”  We cut to Lauren who innocently replies, “Um-no.”  We cut back to Yaiyai, who condemningly asks, “But you’re living together, eh?”  We cut to Lauren and Greg who smile as he replies, “Yes–,” only to be cut off by a now angry Yaiyai who snaps, “You are going to hell!”  We cut to a shot of the now-flabbergasted couple as the voiceover takes over, “Don’t worry kids, at least Yaiyai approves of you eating Athenos Greek yogurt.”  We cut to shots of Yaiyai enjoying her own yogurt and a display of the yogurt with various toppings as the voiceover continues, “Because Athenos is made the traditional Greek way, never using preservatives or artificial flavors.  Athenos.  Maybe the only thing approved by Yaiyai.”  The spot closes with a shot of Yaiyai yelling after a bicycle that passes by her too closely along with the super, “Athenos. Approved by Yaiyai.”

About Park Pictures

Founded in 1998 by Executive Producer Jacqueline Kelman Bisbee and renowned filmmaker/cinematographer Lance Acord, Park Pictures has an auspicious track record of discovering and mentoring new filmmaking talent and infusing all projects with big screen production values. Park Pictures has forged strong partnerships with agencies and clients by engaging all members of its team in creative problem solving.

In March 2010, Park Pictures and director Joachim Back won an Academy Award for their short film, The New Tenants.  More recently, Park joined forces with writer/director/producer Galt Niederhoffer under the moniker ParkPlum.  The division will develop feature films, documentaries and shorts.


Client: Athenos

Title: “Morning” :30, “Party” :30, “Familiy” :30

Airdate: Currently Airing

Production Company: Park Pictures, Bicoastal/London

Director: Alison MacLean

DP: Tico Poulakakis

EP/Owner: Jackie Kelman Bisbee

Head of Production: Dinah Rodriguez

Producer: Cody Ryder

Agency: Droga5, NY

Creative Chairman: David Droga

Executive Creative Director: Ted Royer

ACD/Copywriter: Scott Ginsberg

ACD/Art Director: January Vernon

Head of Integrated Production: Sally-Ann Dale

Senior Producer: Scott Chinn

Head of Strategy: Jonny Bauer

Strategic Planner: Vaughn Allen

Greek Production Company: Central Athens

Editorial: Beast NY

Editor: Jim Ulbrich

Assistant Editor: Jai Shukla

Executive Producer: Elizabeth Krajewski

Sound: Sound Lounge, NY

Mixer: Tom Jucarone


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