Venice, CA-based Backyard director Jeffrey Karoff proves that bears aren’t the only ones who dwell in caves in an artful new :60 “The Eccentrics – Ra” for Canon.  The whimsical spot captures—with Canon digital cameras—the backbreaking process, beauty and philosophy behind cave sculpting.  Karoff and Backyard create this first in a potential series of Canon-sponsored web films that feature independent thinkers in various disciplines.Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 11.24.40 AM

“The Eccentrics – Ra” opens on cave digger and sculptor Ra Paulette excavating a high desert cave with a small, handheld tool.  The scene cuts to Ra telling an interviewer, “I’ve been excavating caves for about 25 years.  I use hand tools: shovel, mattock, wheelbarrow.”  We see Ra chip, scrape and carve soft sandy cave walls.  He continues, “I’ve always had to learn things for myself.  I don’t make drawings.  I can feel it.  I can feel the empty space.”  We float through the space, now covered with intricate designs, as Ra explains, “These caves are done as a celebration.  I want to create a space that’s transformative.”  A super appears, “Ra’s story shot with Canon cameras,” and quick cuts of several Canon digital cameras, the Canon logo and tag “Capturing the revolution” close out the spot.

About Backyard

Venice CA-based Backyard is an internationally acclaimed production company with strong roots in its management team and diverse roster of directors, based both in the US and abroad.  Founded in 1989 by partners Roy Skillicorn and Blair Stribley, Backyard’s award-winning directorial talent includes Phil Brown, Jesper Ericstam, Jeffrey Karoff, Nick Piper, Rob Pritts, Don Rase, Rob Sanders, Kevin Smith and Chace Strickland.  Backyard is repped nationally by The Family (East Coast), Them Reps (Midwest), Brad Grubaugh (West Coast) and internationally in the UK, Asia and Canada.

The company and its affiliates, Transistor Studios and Seed, pride themselves on an interactive team approach that fosters creative collaboration with clients, with everyone working from the same page, toward the same goal.


Client: Canon

Title: “The Eccentrics – Ra”

Airdate: TBD

Where Shot: New Mexico

Production Company: Backyard Productions, Venice, CA

Director: Jeffrey Karoff

DP: Anghel Decca

Editor: Bob Jenkis



  1. Sloane Pierce

    He is inspirational. Those caves are modern works of art and the public needs to be made aware of them!


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