Editor Stewart Reeves joins The Whitehouse, Bicoastal/Chicago/London for Stateside representation.  Based in Sydney, Australia, Reeves continues to be repped there by The Editors, Sydney.   His recent output includes spots for A-list directors Noam Murro, Tim Godsall, Steve Rogers and Tom Kuntz to name a few.  The editor has developed a reputation for effectively combining a keen rhythmic and visual sense with an eye for offbeat comedy.

Says Whitehouse Co-Founder/Editor Rick Lawley, “We’ve known Stewart since he worked for us as an assistant in London.  We kept in touch and have been impressed with the work he has been cutting in Australia.  He is a great talent and most importantly a nice fella.”

Adds Stewart, “Many things have changed over the years but the Whitehouse still feels like home.  It’s good to be back!”

Born in the UK, Stewart Reeves trained at the Whitehouse throughout the early nineties, assisting on such iconic jobs as Levi’s “Drugstore,” Stella Artois “Last Orders” and Nike “Airport.”  Eager to see the world, he joined Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam as a producer and spent nearly 3 years producing spots across the globe.  He eventually found himself back in the editor’s chair in Sydney and quickly established a solid reputation as a cutter.

In other Whitehouse news, the company was honored with two AICP Awards: Jose Cuervo Tequila :15 “Road Trip,” cut by Kevin Zimmerman, won for Sound Design and Clearasil :30 “Slap,” cut by Marc Langley, won in the Spec Spot category.

About The Whitehouse

The Whitehouse is a film editing company. 

It opened in 1990, in a little white house in Soho, London. The company had three editors, some rented equipment and a sofa bed from Ikea that wouldn’t fold out.  They worked hard, won some awards and had a laugh. Life was good. Life was simple. Then some smarty pants invented a computer to edit film on. They bought one, because everyone else had one and they didn’t want to be left out.

Twenty years later, The Whitehouse has provided the editing on Oscar- winning movies, award-winning commercials, Emmy-winning TV shows, documentaries and music videos.

The Whitehouse now has offices in London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Many people have come and gone over the years. Some have come, gone and come again. But one thing has remained constant.

The Whitehouse cuts film. ###

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